Who Is the Devil on Your Shoulder?

Mar 15th, 2013

Category: Philosophy

Who Is the Devil on Your Shoulder?

Is there someone in your life who constantly influences you to make bad eating and exercise decisions? Maybe it’s a group of friends or your family, maybe it’s even your spouse?

It’s not that that person is ENTIRELY to blame for your naughty behavior…it’s highly unlikely they are shoving food down your throat :) . But this person is more like that little cartoon devil on your shoulder. For whatever reason, they make you feel like its okay to “cheat” on your healthy lifestyle. They whisper that all too familiar saying “it’s only just this one time”. They tell you in caring, loving words that you “deserve it”. Or maybe it’s just that you don’t know how to spend time together without overindulging in eating and drinking.

Whatever the reason is, this person does NOT have YOUR best interest in mind and can be a major deterrent in your weight loss efforts. In fact, they can derail you altogether.

The first thing I advise is to change the habits of this relationship. Why not go for a hike or a walk with this friend? If you’re getting together at night, take turns picking a healthy restaurant or cooking interesting and healthy recipes. Or how about bowling, tennis, or dancing? Burn calories while hanging out!

In certain instances, I advise people to steer clear of these relationships while focusing on weight loss. Of course, if it’s a family member or spouse, you cannot do this. Instead, you must have a direct conversation with them, in which you ask for support and create boundaries.

Whoever it is and whatever their motivation is, there will always be a little devil on your shoulder. Hopefully these tips will help you change that relationship for the better in order to meet those goals that you’ve worked so hard toward!

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