Speaking positively = Seeing results

Aug 19th, 2013

Category: Philosophy

Speaking positively = Seeing results

A few years ago, speaking your desires and dreams into the universe became mainstream, with books like “The Secret” and preachers like Joel Osteen. People began speaking large positive affirmations like “I will make lots of money” or “I will become a movie star” and small affirmations like “I will lose 5lbs” or “a new bike will be mine”.

I found that speaking positive affirmations were extremely helpful in my fitness routines as well as in those of my clients. “I can run a marathon” or “I can eat five servings of vegetables per day” were wonderful examples of mantras that helped encourage me and my clients toward our goals.

But what about when you didn’t feel like eating vegetables or doing that long run on the weekend? Or what happens when you’ve still failed to lose the 5lbs you said “you would” lose? There seemed to be a lot of pressure in saying “I will…” and that pressure often led to disappoint and discouragement.

Recently, a dear friend of mine shared with me his idea for structuring a mantra or affirmation so that it affects your subconscious enough to truly create change and results. All you do is simply start the mantra with “I love”. So for example, if you need to lose 10lbs, the mantra will be, “I love doing the workouts I need to do to lose 10lbs”. Or, if you need to clean up your diet, you could say something like, “I love trying new fruits and vegetables everyday”. Let’s say you’re finally doing a marathon this year: “I love doing practice long runs”. You can even add your own “because” at the end of your mantra! If you need to break that nasty habit of night snacking, for example, your mantra a could be “I love not snacking at night because I feel so good in the morning”.

This focuses your mindset on the reasoning behind your goal as well as the joy you get when you accomplish your goal. You are focusing your mindset on the POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES of the task, rather than the task itself. Then the task doesn’t seem so hard!

My favorite healthy affirmation is: “I love my body and what it is capable of”. This makes me feel strong, confident, and able to accomplish any fitness task!

What is your favorite positive affirmation?

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