Jun 5th, 2012

Category: Philosophy


As is often the case in the Fitness Industry, the word “sculpting” is a very trendy word that trainers and clients throw around quite a bit. And although the word is usually used in reference to building muscles or in coming up with a new group class at the gym, I like to think of sculpting in another way.

My brother, Benjamin Victor (, is a successful sculptor and I have been fortunate enough to watch him work, where I saw firsthand that the process of sculpting is not an easy one. It requires patience and daily discipline, chipping away a little bit at a time until the final product is revealed. And even then, the work still needs to be maintained over time.

I believe this is the same approach that a person should take with sculpting their body. It is indeed a process and with every positive change you make, you are chipping away to reveal a healthier and stronger YOU! Sculpting your body cannot be done overnight or even in a few months; rather, it is a lifelong dedication to creating the best version of yourself possible.

Now, I realize that thinking in terms of “lifelong sculpting” can be overwhelming and maybe even discouraging. But if you just take it one day at at time, chipping away at one aspect of health and fitness at a time, before long you will begin to see that amazing physique that is YOUR personal sculpture!

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