New Year, Time to Reset!

Dec 31st, 2016

Category: Healthy Eating

New Year, Time to Reset!

2016 is coming to an end and some would probably say, “finally!”.  For a lot of people, this year has been a tumultuous one in politics and world events (and who am I kidding, let’s throw celebrity deaths in there, too).  As the year came to a close, I just kept feeling like I needed to stop and press the reset button on a lot of areas in my life.  This was particularly true in the area of food habits and nutrition after a couple of festive holiday months. Lucky for me, Melissa Hartwig released her new book FOOD FREEDOM FOREVER and reading it gave me the motivation and knowledge I needed to press that reset button and get back on track.

If you followed my blog last year, you know I completed the Whole30 and experienced tremendous results, so I was excited to read this book for life after the Whole30.  I was particularly excited by the title, FOOD FREEDOM FOREVER, because my fro yo addiction doesn’t exactly work in the Whole30 plan. I definitely needed a little freedom in that area. In the book, Melissa Hartwig outlines beautifully how to find the food freedom that works for you by giving many strategies for making conscious food decisions as to whether something is “worth it” or not. She teaches you how to make mindful eating choices so that you are truly enjoying food without feeling guilty, while also not overdoing it.

But the biggest takeaway I got from this book was the idea of the reset, which for me means another Whole30 starting January 1st. In the book, Hartwig outlines the many reasons for doing a reset. If you’re like me, a January reset is perfect because of the “slow slide” that happens during the end of the year festivities. I start consuming more and more sugar and alcohol until pretty soon my cravings are out of control and I need something sweet after every meal! My energy levels are out of whack and my jeans are a bit tight. Not fun! I need to reset my taste buds and cravings so that I don’t want those sweet things anymore and re-program my mind and body with food as fuel only.

Sure this isn’t as enjoyable when I go out to eat or to a party, but it’s only for 30 days. Then after that, Hartwig teaches you to slowly reintroduce the foods that were eliminated until you can see what, how much, and how often you can tolerate them.  That is how you find your food freedom forever!

I also find that this resets my mental balance, too. I can think clearly and focus on so much more when I keep what I’m eating simple. It eliminates the vicious thought circles that come from bad eating choices, too. The process of “why not just one” to “what the hell, I already messed up, let’s go crazy” to “I feel awful” is gone, freeing up so much headspace. Plus, the discipline of sticking to the program for 30 days makes me disciplined in so many other areas of my life. Suddenly I am procrastinating less and able to achieve more personal goals.

But whatever the reason for a reset may be, I highly recommend doing one and encourage you to check out Melissa Hartwig’s FOOD FREEDOM FOREVER! And I am here for you every step of the way. Message me or comment below to let me know how your reset is going!

Happy New Year!



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