All or Nothing

Dec 1st, 2012

Category: Philosophy

All or Nothing

It’s that time of year again!! Holiday parties every other day, no time to workout, and the tendency say, “Well, it’s only once a year”….sound familiar? The truth is, although it’s “only once a year”, these occasional slip-ups often have a way of turning into all day, all week, or all month slip-ups. And then we spend the next 11 months trying to lose the extra 10 lbs that suddenly appeared!

At the same time, the holidays should be a time of enjoyment, which means it is perfectly okay to enjoy different foods in moderation. In other words, the holidays don’t have to be “all or nothing” in regards to your fitness and nutrition.

A great way to practice moderation is by knowing when to start and when to stop. For example, at a party: glance over the food trays and pick one item you’ve never tried, one item you love the most, and the rest healthy items (i.e. veggies, fruits, lean meats). Then, take your time savoring each bite.

Knowing when to stop is the tricky part. Try to tell yourself that there will always be another party, another dazzling array of treats, and another holiday season. And if you did “binge” out at one event, try to go right back to clean and healthy eating the rest of the day and week. You’ll feel better and you won’t continue the vicious cycle of binge and remorse.

Getting your workout in is also a difficult part of this busy season. Check out my Blog entry on “Multitasking” to find ways to sneak it in! And remember the “Fitness Bank Account” entry…every minute counts, even if it’s not as many as you usually do the rest of the year!!

The holidays can be a challenge in regards to fitness and nutrition, but make this year the year you practice moderation and shed that “All or Nothing” mentality once and for all!! Happy Holidays!

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